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Trinity Lutheran Church



On January 21, 1897, Pastor Carl J. M. Heuer, of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Sherwood, Oregon, came to Sheridan to unite J. George Gutbrod and Anna Pfeiffer in holy matrimony.   After this visiting Pastors came regularly to conduct services to the Lutherans of the community.  The local people were encouraged to put together a congregation. 


Trinity Lutheran Church was organized on September 15, 1901 when eight men signed the original constitution.  The original church building was dedicated on September 23, 1907. 


In the late seventies, the members of Trinity, although advised to close their doors, sought God’s help to continue a Lutheran ministry in Sheridan.  The present fellowship hall and Sunday school rooms were designed and constructed in the early eighties.  


Trinity outgrew the old church, which was beyond repair and had to be replaced.  After much prayer the congregation voted unanimously to build a new church.  They agreed to do no fundraising and accept no memorials.  All gifts would be anonymous and no long-term debt would be incurred.  


The building committee chose Hal Hagglund as the main carpenter and world-renowned architect Pietro Belluschi.  A church was designed that could be built with member resources and talents.  Construction began in 1987 with the supervision of Mr. Belluschi, local electricians and plumbing firms supervising the work.  Roy Setzoil contributed carvings and Mr. Belluschi designed and donated the stained glass window.  The new building was dedicated in October 1991, near the 90th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church. 

"With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

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