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Missionaries That Trinity Lutheran Church Supports



Peter & Emily Sheriff
Sheriff Family 2019.jpg

Peter and Emily work with Willamette Medical Teams (Willamette International) and are raising four children in Sierra Leone.  Peter is the Country Director and Emily will be homeschooling their children while sharing her love for Jesus with others.  The Bible Insitute and various water projects are just a few of the things that will keep them busy.  To read more about Willamette International you can go to their website:

"I am loving Jesus and living the dream in Sierra Leone", says Emily Sheriff. You can follow their adventures at: 

You can contact Peter and Emily at:

Dan & Regina Bumstead

Love's Door for All Nations is a Spirit-led community imparting Jesus into the hearts of rural Zambians so that suffering children and the unreached become passionate followers of Christ who will lead and transform their communities.

Craig & Lani Norwood

Craig and Lani Norwood are involved with missionary work in rural Alaska.  Both Craig and Lani share the love of Jesus through Bible studies, VBS, leading Sunday services, and are active in helping maintain the church  in Copper Center.  They have also been involved with Village Missions.  You can read about their work on Facebook at:

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Courtney & Beth Zehrs

"We support Bible translation through aviation."  The Zehrs family have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2007.  They have been in Indonesia since 2009 where Courtney is a pilot that provides aviation support via JAARS.  You can visit their website to learn more about their service:

sam & lindah.jpg

Sam & Lindah Hagglund


Children of Firm Foundation

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

The Children of Firm Foundation was incorporated in the Republic of Zambia by Lindah H. Hagglund on December 8, 2011 having been moved by the suffering of many children in homes and on the streets. Lindah has a passion for the suffering and abandoned children by their relatives or guardians after either losing their parents as a result of prolonged sickness like HIV/AIDS and or other common ailments that have caused many deaths among the Africans. The overall vision of the Children of Firm Foundation embraces the challenge of spearheading love, hope and education, the literate communities with God fearing and responsible citizens. The mission of Children of Firm Foundation is to support the children in need through education.

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